Hi, I'm Floris Douma, designer & developer.

Between 2010 and 2014 I was employed at LUSTlab / LUST in The Hague NL, but since 2015 I'm an independent professional working together with graphic designers on web projects and working on and off in a collective named Cometa together with Vincent Meertens.

Recently we created identities and/or websites for: TLmagazine, Pro Materia, Foodcurators Rotterdam, Het Actiefonds, European Press Prize, AanNoordzee / AanVeluwe. I also made the websites for Cinemien in collaboration with Lava, Octavo Publicaties in collaboration with Carvalho Bernau, BonteHond in collaboration with Jasper van den Berg / Rooie Jas and other online projects like Just Haasnoot, Iventions, Nederlands Theater Festival, Retorica Kamer, Humade, DUS architects, Daniel Bouquet, Cosima, Gewildgroei, Innovation Studio R and more

Contact me at + 31 6 28 990 918, email me at info@florisdouma.nl or find me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram

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